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  • Felt Bicycles FR6 - 2018

    Felt’s decades-long history of carbon innovation and expertise is evident in every bike within the FR Series, including the FR6. Its UHC Advanced carbon frame was… [more]


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Today's Tip

Always Ride On The Right - One of the leading causes of injury to cyclists is riding on the wrong side of the road. This is a mistake that happens because pedestrians are often told to walk facing traffic and this advice is mistakenly given to bicyclists. It works for walkers. But it's very dangerous for cyclists because traffic is designed around a system where all vehicles follow the same rules. To ensure your safely, always ride with traffic on the right side of the road.

We Proudly Carry Haro Bicycles!

Haro bicycles are a joy to ride!
Haro makes a great line-up of bicycles for all your riding whether you're into BMX or mountain biking. And they try hard to keep the prices down so these fine rides don't cost you an arm and leg. After all, you need both of these for riding. Swing by and check our full line of Haro bikes today!

Litespeed Bicycles!

We're proud to carry Litespeed bicycles!

Lightspeed builds bikes by hand from the most incredible materials on the planet. Every aspect of handling, sizing and ride quality is perfectly addressed. Have a look at our selection of these beautiful bicycles to see the difference for yourself.

Go Further With Giro!

Cross into a new realm of safety and comfort! Utilizing cutting-edge technology, such as Wind Tunnel Ventilation and Rok Lok retention systems, Giro helmets fit every application. Come in and find the Giro that's right for you!

We Carry Park Tools!

Park Tools: the pick of the pros!

Our professional mechanics trust Park Tools because they like to use the best. We also carry a wide selection of Park so that you can use these fine tools, too!

Use Your Return Wisely!

Turn tax time into fun time by using your return on a new bicycle!

At this taxing time of year, we want to help you forget those forms, thumb your nose at the IRS and boot your bookkeeper. Then, take that return and do something nice for yourself like buying a new bicycle, accessory, helmet or all of the above!


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